Hamp Alumni – Reunion Planners


1. Find your class’s webpage here.  There are lots of ways to use your class webpage to communicate with your classmates—more about that below.

2. Locate the link on your class webpage for the Northampton Alumni Database. With one click, your classmates can update their contact information. When the time comes for you to plan your reunion, I will send you the most up to date class list from the database. If you are doing a mailing,, I can send you mailing labels. Encourage your classmates to use the database—the more they do, the easier it will be for whoever is planning your reunion to contact them.

3.. If you are planning a reunion, you can put all of the details on your class webpage by emailing the information to Ellen Nigrosh. You can update the information as often as you want.. For example::

• Put a “Save the Date” message on your class webpage – this allows you to let your classmates know what the date will be long be fore you have the rest of your plans in place.

• Start a class email directory on your page, if you don’t have one already, and encourage people you know to list themselves on it.. Other classmates will see it and follow suit. When you send out a mailing, let people know about the class webpage and the email directory. This lets people start re-cconnecting and ge nerates interest in the event.

• Email me your reservation form when you have one,, and I will link it to your page,, so that attendees can print it out and mail it in.. This will help you reach classmates who aren’t on your mailing list,, as well as be ing a convenience for everyone.

• A couple of weeks before your reservation deadlin e,, send me a list of classmates who have sent in their reservations so far, and I will put it on your class webpage. Other people will want to come when they s ee who’s going to be there.

• Consider planning your reunion for Thanksgiving weekend.. A new tradition is underway of having an all-class alumni get-together on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, open to any alumni who are in town and wa nt to attend.. If you have your cl ass reunion on Saturday, people can attend both events and have a chance to see people from other classes as well.. If you have any questions, let me know!!

Ellen Nigrosh

or 584-5537

Northampton Education Foundation Alumni Relations Committee